Wild Vapers Shelley Bowman Eddy Bowman Morrisonville New York Review


Buyers and business owners beware! Shelley Bowman and Eddy Bowman or Edward Bowman owners of Wild Vapers located in the United States in Sylacauga, Alabama, ripped off a good friend of ours and business owner in New York state. Shelley Bowman, a Canadian resident and citizen, married to Eddy Bowman or Edward Bowman a resident of Alabama and citizen of the United States and employed at this business, True Cast, Inc. took advantage of someone that tried to do something to help them get their business off the ground. Over charging the other business for custom made E-Juice products, Electronic Cigarette Mods, Tanks and all the while doing so, after the other business provided them with a lot of free nicotine valued at quite a bit of money. These folks charged retail pricing on items that were supposed to be wholesale pricing even when some of the raw materials were provided free of charge to them. For example, an E-Pipe that was valued at a third of its cost to the business that bought it, Shelley Bowman charged the owner $90.00 for, instead of the market value with respect to wholesale pricing. In addition, the pricing charged to help the other business with the E-Juice contracts that this other business has, holds, and still maintains, Shelley Bowman or Michelle Bowman, and Eddy Bowman or Edward Bowman of Wild Vapers charged the business $360.00 per liter, instead of wholesale pricing. Based on the pricing of the E-Juice products on their website, it is very clear that the products that the other business purchased, were severely inflated regarding the prices paid and the other business got ripped off, especially when the other business was providing a lot of free nicotine and not charging Shelley bowman or Eddy Bowman of Wild Vapers for the nicotine. Their first purchase of nicotine from the other business, they claimed that the nicotine was sold in gallon jugs, when it is sold in liters only on that business website. Rather than argue the point, the other business sent them a gallon of the product, and only charged them for one liter. That was all that was paid. In addition, early on, the other business helped out by giving Wild Vapers a shopping cart and license to use to help get their business off the ground, valued at over $400.00. Do not send anything to them via PayPal. You’ll get ripped off, just like this other business did. Wild Vapers is clearly a scam, fraud, ripoff and cannot be trusted. u3000 Beware that the E-Juice products sold by Wild Vapers and Shelley Bowman and Eddy Bowman, some if not all of them contain alcohol, due to the nature of the ingredients used in some or all of the E-Juice products sold. Some of the other flavorings and ingredients such as Island Tobacco a flavoring used in some recipes, and French Vanilla Ice Cream another ingredient or E-Juice, are also alcohol based Chinese flavorings and or E-Juice already made with nicotine. This is why some of their E-Juice products cannot be sold to you at a zero nicotine level. Many Chinese E-Juices and flavor concentrates are not to be trusted due to some of the chemicals commonly found in them and they use them, and claim all E-Juice is USA made with all USA ingredients. Shelley Bowman does not act professionally, blowing up voicemail boxes, threatening, and she stays under the wire for many obvious reasons that many people do not really know. Why she is not a United States citizen, we’ll leave that for folks to figure out on their own. Be very careful and cautious. They are not to be trusted. Shelley Bowman and Eddy Bowman of Wild Vapers ripped off another business and some of that businesses customers as well. The business lost thousands at the hands of Shelley Bowman and it was all paid through PayPal. Don’t send anything unless you use a credit card only on their website. Don’t pay them through PayPal for any reason. And, test your E-Juice, as several of the tests that have been run on products purchased, show higher or lower levels of nicotine than what they advertise. This also includes misrepresented PG and VG ratios as well. This is due to the fact that they use some ready made E-Juice products with nicotine in them for some of their E-Juice recipes. Be super careful please. Shelley Bowman has a Facebook page, and so does Eddy Bowman. Here are a couple of websites that Shelley Bowman frequents to sell and promote her products. You have to wonder why Shelley Bowman is not in pictures on Eddy Bowman’s Facebook page, or her own either. Also find their URL listed below as well. Stay away from them. Thank you. u3000 www.wildvapers.com u3000 u3000 vaughnlive.tv/vapenet u3000 u3000 vaughnlive.tv/questvaping

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