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RUN! Don’t waste your time and money! They are full of "wishy washy" actions going on and HORRIBLE communication. Anyone you talk to will have a different answer. I called and asked if my university could send my my transcripts via fax. Which mind you they say they can accept your transcripts electronically. I had 3 people tell me different ideas on what it "allowed" and "not allowed" for sending transcripts to WGU. Someone saying it is ok, and someone saying no. I recommend just sending them by mail with these people if you choose to attend here. You cant do electronically. I also had my assessments completed and failed the tests with them being unable to tell me what I exactly I failed. And my councilor told me EVERYONE fails at least the first time around. Which is a red flag, especially with someone having taken many General Education courses. I was told I’m required to wait 30 days to re-take the assessments and I have to re-take all of them. Mind you, this is is requirement for everyone applying, even if you have completed your English and Math courses from another colleges. I will not be attending this college. I have a decent GPA of 3.3 for college and I am not someone to be lazy with my courses and course work. I am not one to wait till the last minute. I’m concerned that if their communications skills are lacking now, then what will it be like once I’m fully enrolled and taking courses?!?!?! And from reading other reviews, yea I really know now this school is not for me. Don’t believe all the 5 stars. I came across a review from someone who worked there stating : "90& 37; of these 5-star reviews are plants All I am a WGU Mentor who put in my 2 weeks at WGU this week and in searching through this thread I am unable to verify most of these 5-star posts as being real students at Western Governors University. They are plants, except for "Christi Smith" who gave a raving review of Western Governors University 2 months before her first term started. Maybe instead of trying to fake online reviews, you should just start actually caring about the quality of your school instead of just how it appears." So I have a feeling a good portion of the reviews you find are shady too!! Do your research!!!!

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