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Complaint: In the time I was coached and told at summit in the last few years Tom ferry had financial gains from pushing Zillow and not disclosing his profiting in ways of stock, partnership, covering cost, of events all are ways of profit for Tom Ferry. Tom Ferry almost bankrupted my real estate business. I am out over $24000.00 from his and his agent ( coaching) and never disclosed Tom Ferry profited. Along with most all products pushed to you to buy Tom does not disclose he has some stock, partnership or financail gain, in said product. Along with trying to buy his Yelp disapprovals removed, as to show the uninformed agents his real actions. Agents trust Yelp to see if spending their monies are or are not a good investment. Trying to influence the outcome is wrong and illegal.

Tags: Seminar Programs

Address: California USA


Phone: 831566-0519

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