The Valspar Corporation Review


My wife and I purchased a sofa and love seat a couple of years ago from HAVERTY’S in Charleston SC. We bought the five year warranty for $279.00 that was billed by the salesman to cover anything that happened to our furniture. Last month when it did get a stain on it that we couldn’t remove we made a claim. The website that they make you use to submit a claim is impossible to navigate. Then, when they made the pictures be a specific size or they would not be accepted I started to this that this company is a sham. I received an email a week later that stated I had TEN days to respond or they would cancel my claim. I responded in 4 days. I was told that they would review my claim and would get back to me. | I waited 10 days and received another email from them telling me that my case had been closed because I had not filed my original claim in sufficient time. Furious, I called them back and was put on hold forever. I notified them that I had filed my claim in a timely manner and they agreed. After another agonizing 10 minutes on hold they informed me that my claim was not being further processed because, “I did not take proper care of my furniture.” They even read the policy to me. I asked what exactly does that mean and they would only repeat the above line. “You did not take proper care of your funiture and therefore we don’t have to honor your claim.” There sure should be a class action lawsuit against this company. DO NOT BUY AN INSURANCE POLICY FROM THIS COMPANY! DO NOT BUY FURNITURE PERIOD FROM HAVERTY’S!!!!


  • Name: The Valspar Corporation
  • Country: United States
  • State: Michigan
  • City: Grand Rapids
  • Address: P.O. Box 88010
  • Phone: 6123327371
  • Website:

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