Temescal Financial Services Review


I recieved an alert email from Experiean credit bureau on Friday alerting mr that this financial services company had obtained a credit inquiry, a hard hit on my credit report that they assumed that I was trying to obtain a loan of some sort without my knowledge and didn’t reconize this company or what it was and never heard of this! which caused a hard hit on my credit report! | I immeditealy called this company from which it stated the phone number next to it, and when i called the number there was a recording that said the number was disconnected and not in service! I then called experien and spoke to a represenative and reported that this was a scam,fraud and they asked me if I wanted to file a fraud report which I did! and that i wanted to dispute this! I was furious! | I then immediately called all three credit bureaus and put a security freze on all 3 credit reporting agencies! and the next morning I heard back from experiean about the investigation and they acted pretty quickly and informed me that they removed this inquiry from my credit report! which obviusly they tried to contact the company and found out that this was fraudulent and a scam! | i also researched this company and it seems that they are a scam! and the fact that you can’t call them with no such number being in service or disconnected surely tells me that they are truly a fraud and scam! people be aware of this company! luckily and thanfully the credit bureau was able to remove this from my report as it would have hurt my credit rating!


  • Name: Temescal Financial Services
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Corona
  • Address: 23143 Temescal Canyo Rd,Ste C
  • Phone: 888-665-5866
  • Website:

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