Taninah Review


I am an incredibly heartbroken, bride-to-be. It makes me tear up thinking that because of Marino Tomacelli, the owner of Taninah Resort (“Taninah”), our wedding that was supposed to take place in 2016 is now post-poned until we make back the $17,000 that he will not return to us. So please, if you are thinking about staying here, read my review, as you might change your mind. | We originally set a wedding date of December 31, 2016. On January 14th we paid our security deposit of $1,500. On January 27 we paid our initial payment of $15,862 toward our reservation date in December, nearly 11 months out. On February 11, 2016 I received an email stating that the wrong rates had been charged, and that we now owed approximately $6,000 more than the agreed upon amount. See the email below:


  • Name: Taninah
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alaska
  • City:
  • Address:
  • Phone: (760) 990-3144
  • Website: www.taninah.com/

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