Stay away from this cunning businessman that relies on insecurities and fear to scam.


<span;>I will not tell my name to remain anonymous so none of their followers or Mars will know me. This is not a false review at all and I wrote this because I want no one else to be caught in this brainwashing cult. Some of the info I have mentioned may be removed from his site. If you ask him about this review, he will say things to convince you he is right and I am only here to slander him. He plays the victim always and he is not any better than the scam shops like Venture Bookstore and Satania Store. Just as bad actually. If you search who owns it, its him Christopher Wood and his wife Nancy Wood. This is a husband and wife team scam. He did change his name to Lucien Mars. Also has a yoga book and I doubt its effective. I have the book and it basically just says vampires are powerful and humans are weak and merely food. Truly a fraud jokester.

<span;>Please read this review so you will not become like me that got scammed out of thousands of dollars to this business. He is known for his ”vampire transformations” that is done in tandem with Lucifera. I have done that and also bought a few bindings from him in the last few years. No results. Nothing. First of all, it is ridiculous to think that some vampire is going to marry you for life. Uhh no. This is only to attract people that are lonely and want a forever husband or wife. And it works.

<span;>He also changes information all the time too. When it was a new site, he said that vampires aligned with Lucifera are assigned to the ”Upper Crossing” which is closer to heaven and those with Lilith are in the ”Lower Crossing” which is near to hell. Now he is saying that vampires live in hell and not this in between realm. He also said Lilith is his mother and in one of the posts he said she is his wife now. I mean if that is not weird and just disgusting, I do not know what is. He is also very fixated to the term pedophilia and pedophiles for some reason too. The funny thing is he had a listing for a vampire that looks like a child. Of course it is taken down but with enough search its there unless it got wiped from the face of the Internet. How can you be against pedophilia when you have a listing that is a child looking vampire? You can say that she is 6000 years old but that doesnt mean it doesnt encourage pedophilia. I am only able to find one but there was one more that seems to be erased. Lucien Mars also has no thought about people’s money concerns and wants people to donate 40 USD. First of all, that is alot if you are not a US citizen due to conversion rates. He also recommends items that cost a near 2000 USD if you can’t ”feel” your sire or companions as he call it. That is what a scam salesperson does. He is invested into this story and magick he does so if anyone says he is a fraudster he can use this to back him up and say he is legitimate unlike the other stores which are scams. He also places curses on his bindings so if anyone rats it out they get punished in hell and excommunicated. Funny thing is, there was a post that said punishment is not eternal as that means you are equal with the Father which means no punishment is eternal but look, here is him now saying eternal punishment. He deletes his posts too and screenshots cannot be taken as its protected content. No. He just does not want evidence to be pasted around the internet. This guy also has a history with CreepyHollows. His reviews on Ebay are also suspicious as they are always one line and says the same thing. He says that it is a cult and a mafia, so if that sentence does not drive you away, then nothing will.

<span;>Basically, STAY AWAY from this site. If you see any positive reviews, it is because they are followers of his cult. I used to be too, but I wanted to think for myself and saw the bull$#*! when I did. Dont do what I did, you will fall into the rabbit hole and believe every bull$#*! and start to live in fear of excommunication, then it takes a while to get out of that brainwashing. Lucien Mars is a dangerous manipulative scam salesperson with an elaborate way to trap people in by posting doom and gloom $#*! about humans. Again STAY AWAY!

<span;>Edit: He deleted his Ebay due to claims of other people stealing his listings and its 40 USD a month. Not a one time thing. Contribution to a temple apparently. I wished the Ebay account is still there so you could see the monotone one line reviews he has.

<span;>Tip for consumers:
<span;>Just stay away. I cant say this enough. Do not give a dime to this husband and wife team. The ones that are in this cult, believes in it and gets mad when you do not cant get out of this brainwash he has on them. Please report this website and take it down as its scamming people and harming people’s mental health. More people must know about this sociopath that has no concern or care unless he gets your money.

<span;>Products used:
<span;>Spirit bindings, vampire transformation and the yoga book. Basically they do not work. Stupid me wrote a positive review on his site a year ago because I wanted to believe it worked, but truthfully, it does not. He seems legitimate and has a solid background but its to protect himself from claims of fraud.

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