Showplace Rent to Own Riverside Ohio Review


My friends were renting a tv and couch from this company. They were making payments with no problem including paying in advance into an “suspense”” account. They ran into a financial difficulty and wanted to return the merchandise and get the money back that was was in the suspense account. They were informed the money was already applied 8 days earlier to the bill. It seems the money that was suppose to be applied to suspense account was paid to the account. They denied at first that this happened. They would not take the merchandise back and issue a cash refund. They claimed this was aginst policy even though one of their emplayees already did this once. The district manager was there and said they would issue a check once they paicked up the merchandise

but refused to give some proof they would recive the refund. Therefore unless you want to risk a simular situation of them screwing up or making a “”agreement”” without documentation

do not rent anything from these people.”

3010 Harshman Dayton, Ohio United States of America

(937) 236-5000

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