Senior Vacation Review


I keep getting calls from 513-296-6091. They are asking seniors to take a trip and all they have to do is tell their friends about it. And that you must travel as a couple. They ask questions to get you to say YES. If you ask a question, their script does not allow the person to answer. They will just say I don’t have the answer to that question, let me transfer you to a vacation specialist, but first I have to see if you quality. Then back to asking the same questions. This time, the person "JOE" actually said "I guess I sound pretty strange sometimes as I have to stay on script" Then back to the same questions, word for word. And each time I have called this number back I will get the same person named "JOE" as I told him. He finally hung up. After several tries I was able to get back thru and have the number REMOVED from their internal call list! Right! I will be checking my bank accounts and phone bill!

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