Sellers Playbook Complaint


Attended a seminar in the city about selling on Amazon. And who stands up to speak but Jessie Conners? Former speaker and front man for Armando Montelongo and some other scam traveling Road shows apparently. At first I didn’t recognize her but then when I heard her voice, I flashed back to hearing almost the identical sales pitch a few years ago for a three day seminar that would change my life for the buy-it-now price. Only to find that the seminar was just ANOTHER long-winded pitch for a 20 or 30 thousand dollar scam. Her voice grated on my nerves back then and it was like a horrible flashback to the money I wasted believing her the first time. No way. There were like 200 people watching her speak or rather yell at us. I think about 5 bought the overpriced package. My wife and I stopped people outside and suggested that they do more research and told them our story about this woman. Checked into her claims today about the “years and years” Sellers Playbook has been building relationships so we can take advantage of their relationships for the low low price of $1000 TODAY ONLY. Sellers Playbook was trademarked in May of 2017. Shouldn’t she said “hours and hours” of building relationships? Seems she changes her “how I got rich” story every time something new comes around. Hold onto your money. /link removed/ m./link removed/–big-scam-

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