Second Rotation Collectibles, LLC. Review


These guys are a couple of real losers. I had exactly the same experience as the previous commentor. I have never had a more verbally violent discourse in my life. Everytime I tried to remind them that they either need to send the agreed upon $20,000 or they need to return my dinar, I was met with incredible desregard for human decency and uncivilzed behavior on the part of an individual who claims to be a Vet! He is an embarrassment to the armed forces and my guess is there was probably some sort of dishonorable discharge involved in his termination of military service or he got bounced out because of psychological impairment. | This currency exchaange was initiated in September, 2015 and was supposed to be a three day transaction! By Christmas I still did not have the money I was counting on for buying chrstmas gifts for my children and grandchildren. However, in an e-mail to me I was told that they had actually sold my perfect dinar but their bank was preventiing them from accessing their funds inorder to pay me. | It sounds like a lot of people had the same experience. | I don’t know of a better textbook example of criminal fraud inflicted upon trhe public. My uinderstanding is that these jerks have managed to avoid any responsibility for their actions even though they should be doing a long stint in prison! It is absolutely amazing what people can get away with in Las Vegas. That city is quickly becoming the Detroit of the southwest in terms of police and criminal lawyers! They are all at the casinos eating free food and sucking down donuts by the bagfull. | That’s my rant. It doesn’t even come close to my absolute disgust for these guys and what they put me through in order to steal $20,000 from me!!! That is not an amount that one just forgives and fogets! It has been almost two and a half years and I am still waiting for my money. At this point will need to be returned with interest!


  • Name: Second Rotation Collectibles, LLC.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Nevada
  • City: Las Vegas
  • Address: 6671 S Las Vegas Blvd #210
  • Phone: 888-224-0744
  • Website:

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