Samantha Witham Muskegon, Michigan Michigan


I have been married to my husband for 3.5 years. I have a 5 year old daughter from a previous relationship that he considers and loves as his own. She even calls him”daddy.” We also have a 2 year old son together. Around April 2013 we decided to separate. (It was actually my desperate attempt to save our marriage that was falling apart due to his internet gaming addiction and communication issues). The day we separated we talked for hours, pouring our hearts out. We promised each other that we would give this marriage our all. He promised to go to counseling, etc. Since we were already having a rocky living situation I went to stay with my mother while he stayed with my father, (who needs to be watched and checked in on). This was to be temporary until we saved enough money for our own place and I found a job, and we both felt secure enough in our relationship to live together again. || Well, here’s the bar whore he met at Nunica Bar. It started out a one-night thing that lasted a few weeks to my knowledge. She knew he was married. He told her that we were separated. But what he told her (to my knowledge), was a pretty watered down story. Yes, we were living separately, but we (or I) were very much still in a relationship, still married, having sex, and still trying to work on our marriage. I feel very much cheated on lied to, and devastated. || I confronted this girl on Facebook. She has a nasty attitude and denies everything, even though I saw her naked ass pictures on my husband’s phone. I so badly want to beat the snot out of her. (I’ve never been in a fight before, but I know for damn sure I have the passion). I don’t care if she thought we were separated. She knew he was married with children. Well, you don’t go fuck with married men! So instead of giving her the beating of her life and going to jail, losing my job, etc., I decided to get a little release by posting her on here. I have her nude pictures also. Am I allowed to posts those also? That way if she ever comes across this she can be humiliated all the more… Well, let me know. I’ll definitely post them.

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