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My boyfriend went into the store to buy me a necklace for my birthday, he was greeted by the owner and he was sold a pendant and chain for $1200. The owner told him he was giving him a deal as the regular price is $2000.00. My boyfriend assumed he was getting a good piece for a good price… Once he brought it home and we were in the light (very very dark store, terrible lighting for a reason) we saw that it’s missing 3 diamonds and the part where the rose gold meets the white gold was stained from the weld to bind the pieces together. I asked my boyfriend if he kept the receipt as this is a lot of money to pay for a poorly made item. He brought it back 2 days later… The owner says “oh its supposed to “look” like that and that he could polish the rose gold” What??? My boyfriend said again “look thereís diamonds missing I’m not sure if this was an item from your jewelry exchange you have going on on the side but I would like a refund I am just not happy. He was told “NO” and that if I (the girlfriend) donít like it I can come in and choose something else…. Why on earth would I go back to a place that just took advantage of an inexperienced jewelry buyer? And also why would I want more damaged jewelry?? I called the next day and told the owner that I would be making a complaint and that treating people like that is unacceptable. His reply was “You’re an awful woman you’re not allowed in my store. Tell your boyfriend he can come but never you.” I responded with I will come in if I want and if I have to I will bring the police… He hung up. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and I will be going to trouble shooters as well.

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