Puzzle Piece Review


In December 2017 I attempted to purchase a communicative tablet for my daughter with autism. I was promised a tablet for a one time fee of $29.99 plus a monthly service subscription of $19.99 a month. I was told I would receive the tablet in 21 days, I never received a tablet, yet these people still tried to charge me for monthly service on a product that I didn’t have, never got, and probably doesn’t even exist. I filed a claim with my bank, got that money back, and I got a new debit card. Fast forward to December 4 2018 and I see a charge on my card for $19.99 from these people again! I called my bank and then I discovered another fraudulent charge from October for $19.99. Once again, called my bank and filed a claim for the October charge. Then Puzzle Piece saw that I filed a claim, and immediately refunded the $19.99 that they stole on 12/4. The company name they used to give me the refund is Pixel. Apparently they called Visa and lied to them and said they were trying to process a payment and the card wouldn’t go through which is why they were allowed to do this. These people are completely frauds and they will continue to rip people off until somebody stops them.

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