Please do not get fooled!


Recently I was shocked to hear my friend’s experience about Dr. Kevin Tehrani’s AristocraTIC Plastic Surgery. Here is what she said:

Dr. Kevin Tehrani might have a well-furnished office and a staff as well-mannered as professional sales people, but you should not let that fool you. I had a problem with one of my saline implants, done by another doctor, which got ruptured. I intended it to be replaced by a silicone implant. The recovery period was meant to be minimal, given the fact that the rest of the work had been done before. Contrary to my expectations, I passed through a nightmare of a recovery period. The Implants were too high and my neck and breasts were severely bruised and aching. I did not have the strength to drive myself to his clinic post operation. For three weeks, I was forced to sleep in a sitting position on the couch because of the intensity of the pain. As the pain and pressure on my chest worsened further, I underwent a sonogram test which revealed “a little blood that didn’t dissipate”, according to him. The “little blood” was discovered to be a hematoma which required me to return under the surgeon’s knife. Dr. Tehrani aspirated the hematoma in his office with a frightening large needle which gave me extreme discomfort. The implants did not drop off. On top of that, I was given a band to wear and a handful of baseless exercises to practise, none of which made any sense. Then, I was told that I have to get my capsular contracture fixed. But for that I would have to pay another eight thousand dollars in addition to the eleven thousand already paid. I got a second opinion which said that I had just misplaced implants. With my misshapen breasts, I had no other choice but to appoint an attorney.

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