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Crowdfunding Marketing company fly by night scam PlatinumMetrics or Platinum Metrics, their associate Adam Dinh sent a PR Press Release to their media contacts (which are just some generic contact emails they found online, most of which have platinum metrics labeled as spam so nobody will even see the press release regardless of how many contacts the claim to have) about my Indiegogo campaign. This was supposed to generate some some exposure across the internet about my new campaign or get me featured on some sites or blogs or at least result in some traffic, but it did nothing.Platinummetrics sent me the final copy of the press release they wrote and said they would not revise, it had so many spelling errors and run on sentences and it looked like it was not written by someone who spoke english as a first language at all. I told them as soon as I saw it not to send that because nobody would read that garbage and that they needed to correct the mistakes but they refused to edit it. These Platinum Metrics people are very sketchy just by the way they sound in their emails. Judging by their numerous grammar errors and run on sentences on their site, in their emails and in their press releases. Also they listed their address as 269 S Beverly Blvd Beverly Hills CA. which is even more scammy because there is no way this little scam operation could afford to to rent an office there. It looks like Adam Dinh and platinummetrics just picked a legitimate office in Beverly Hills off of google maps and put that on their site. I think a pr agency in Beverly Hills would be a little more cautious and considerate of grammar mistakes, but then again Platinum metrics is no where close to that. Also I think they would have someone to at least answer the phone number listed on their website. If you call PlatinumMetricís phone number nobody will even answer it, either that or they are just dodging my calls. I bought their highest level package, which was the Corporate package which comes with email + phone support and Platinummetrics wonít respond to me on either? How scammy can you be platinum metrics? I paid for the highest level service you can offer me and you do nothing? Because of all of this I can only assume that the people behind platinummetrics are just foreigners who are just trying to scam some unsuspecting crowdfunders who are actually trying to make something of themselves, follow their dreams, and get some exposure on the web about their campaign. Don’t get me wrong I know that there are services and companies who actually do help crowdfunding campaigns a lot, but Platinum Metrics is NOT one of these companies. So many crowdfunders I know including myself and my team think of PR as the best way to get exposure for your campaign, we all want to be featured on big news sites and Platinum metrics capitalizes on this and tries to get as much from us as they can. I told them that if they didnít respond that I would take to the internet to voice my frustrations and share my experience with everyone about how Platinum metrics scammed my and treated me. It seems like they donít even care about their reputation either. The kind of behaviour from platinum metrics is destroying the crowdfunding community, people come here to raise funds and many people do invest in promotional services to get their crowdfunding campaign exposure, but itís websites like that are hurting crowdfunding for everyone. The crowdfunding community is strong, I have been apart of it for over 2 years now, and we should not tolerate platinummetrics and we need to let others know of their bad business practices. Platinum Metrics is run by low life scammers and we need to advise everyone we know with a crowdfunding campaign to avoid them at all costs. Platinum metrics never responded to me or any of my questions and suggestions I had about the press release AFTER I bought the service, they never answered any of my emails back. It’s literally been 18 days since my press release went out and I have not seen anyone talking about my campaign on their website or blog, all of their media contacts are junk, I havenít even seen any traffic from their referral link on my analytics page from Platinummetrics, theyíre not even trying to hide the fact that they are a scam. I guess I have to face that I got completely scammed by everyone at platinum metrics and move on and try to get some exposure about my campaign myself. Maybe Iíll try to get a refund but knowing these guys I know that is going to be impossible and they will lie their a** off to keep my money.

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