Pioneer Electronic USA LLC Camden New Jersey Review


I purchased a @PioneerElectronics head unit for my car the 7200nex its started to not work back in early March I sent to pioneer for repair. Mind you it took almost 2 week for them to tell me they had received my unit then I get a txt to call them. They tell me the disc drive is damage and there damage to the screen internals. I’m like we know it’s broken that why sent it to you. There like well you have a warranty but your not covered do we need $208 buck. I’m like what I didn’t break it it stop working why do I have to pay again I bought the unit new. There like we can’t help you. Ask for a mgr of course he not in when will he be Ava we don’t know so u only have one mgr. Yes no one too deal with these matters. But him right yup. If your looking for a car radio or any product stay far away from this company to be trueful I feel like I’m getting scammed. Now the things that are broken there no way I did I have not been in a crash nor have I removed my head unit other then to send it in for repair. There customer service representative refuse to help me get this matter taken care of.

1925 E DOMINGUEZ ST Long beach , California USA

1 (800) 421-1404

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