Pacific Gate Development Complaint


Another long delayed build finally completed by Pacific Gate 🙁 Listen up people, to these facts from personal experience before you sign up. Over promised, under delivered Deceptive and shady practices You do business with them, you wish you could”ve backed out High upfront payments/costs but work is slow Very high mark-ups from what the trades charge, with you paying the higher costs Only tell you what you need to know, and then unexpected surprises come throughout the build which resulted in more money, up to completion Nothing is ever written down, only in his head Due to hidden costs, expect to fork out a lot more money from the contract cost, typically it”s $100-$200K more Trades are not paid on time so don”t be surprise if you never hear from them You”ll be left feeling rip off due to B.S. costs +…too many more to list, but you get the picture!

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