N #1 Airline Food Store Review


So i went back to the store to get my money the guy behind the counter gave me two dollars back i told him no i won 4 so he put another ticket up there on the counter with the ticket number 19 i said no thats not my ticket i had ticket number 21 so he calked the police i explained the situation to the cops but the guy in the store too a receipt that some body els qon two dollars on and stapled it to my original lottery ticket and tried to say thats my receipt and my lottery ticket i won two dollars on but it wasnt i won 4 dollars i got riped off houston | I got ripped off I brought a lottery ticket and won 4 dollars the guy only gave me two dollars back when the police came he switched the receipt with other lottery that says two dollars on there making it look like I won 2 dollars but I won 4 dollars I got ripped off


  • Name: N #1 Airline Food Store
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Houston
  • Address: 11703 Airline Dr
  • Phone: (877) 286-2858
  • Website:

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