Miller Auto Plaza Review


Purchased a vehicle and as soon as I left the dealership the engine light came on, truck began to smoke, something felt broke near the axle/front end. Alan Vines actually cares about safety and they did not make up these diagnostics to make money!! They did not want me to leave with children in this death trap! Thanks for all the help you provided and I should have purchased with you to begin with! After spending $600 in diagnostixs and providing numerous repairs myself and being told by Miller Automotive that the issues were resolved several times I planned to trade the vehicle for another since the repairs total the amount the car was purchased for. The dealer told me that I caused the $9,000 worth of damages even though when I drove it off the lot the engine light came on and it was smoking. He could not provide one piece of proof that he repaired anything. Would not loan me a car of any kind to make it home safely. Told me to hitch a ride or drive this home even though it locks up power steering and everything while driving and told him the mechanic said its not safe for me much less children to be in. He got loud.. talked over me, belittled me in front of everyone. Told me I could hire a lawyer if I wanted to because he was doing me a favor by taking the car back. Well you’re d**n right you’re doing me a favor because no one else will take this thing back when it cost $9,000 and it needs an additional $9,000 worth of repairs. Informed me that driving 17k miles in 10 months probably caused most of the damage and he has seen the way I drive…excuse me? I don’t even live in Jackson nor do I drive by your dealership. | LONG STORY SHORT THE DAY I DROVE IT OFF THE LOT IT FELL APART AND THEY PRETENDED TO FIX THINGS IN THE BEGINING BUT SINCE I PAID WITH A CHECK THEY WASHED THEIR HANDS OF ME AND REFUSED TO HELP…SOLD ME A TRUCK FOR 9K THAT UNKNOWINGLY NEEDED 9K WORTH OF REPAIRS AND AFTER TEN MONTHS OF BACK AND FORTH THEY NOW CLAIM ME PUTTING 17K MILES ON IT HAS CAUSED THE DAMAGES AND ARE ACTING LIKE THEY ARE DOING ME A FAVOR BY LETTING ME TRADE THE VEHICLE ALTHOUGH THEY DONT HAVE ANYTHING AT THE MOMENT THAT THEY WILL ALLOW ME TO TRADE.


  • Name: Miller Auto Plaza
  • Country: United States
  • State: Minnesota
  • City: Saint Cloud
  • Address: 2930 2nd St S
  • Phone: 320-251-8900
  • Website:

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