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My provider, who was with Brooke Army Medical Center, San Antonio, TX talked to someone at Mayo Clinic in the Physical Pain Rehabilitation Department which led to a nightmare of inability to be checked. I had had 6 1/2 hour unnecessary sigmoid resection which led to a hernia – the hernia was evident while at Mayo. This led to another surgery. I reported extreme pain/symptoms following surgery (also reported to surgeon who blew me off) and now, because “Chronic Pain” is my label, I cannot get attention to the fact that following hernia surgery I started having extreme abdominal cramps; could not clean out for colonostomy; incontinence (fecal) many changes, but, I smell a rat. The Trauma Surgeon I recently saw was looking at an old CT; said surgeon who did the surgery is highly regarded but, facts are facts, yet, nobody will try to piece together. So, active, healthy, never had gastro issues prior, I can’t be taken seriously. My body is full of mesh. The night of the surgery, I broke the epidural because it apparently hit nerves that sent me into pain unlike anything I had ever had, yet, because of pain from MVA, this was dismissed as “she’s always in pain” Why, if prior to surgery, I did not have fecal incontinence, did not have major pain in area where colon was removed and hernia repair was done, would a doctor choose to look closely. He was looking at old tests. Said he would have films reviewed but didn’t. Mayo Clinic – they can do no wrong? So, I went from back pain to this? And, nobody will trace the issue? I wrote to the surgeon who did hernia repair and told him about new symptoms. He said to send tests to him and he’d pick doctors; however, he had already left Mayo (apparently sued) so why would he want to see tests? I’ve seen doctor after doctor cover their backs; they will not put patient first, in my experience. Now, I will report Brooke Army Hospital. .

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