Majestic Motorsports Review


In June of 2014, I had several phone conversations with Majestic Motorsports, a high performance shop, about making modifications to my 2006 Tiburon. We agreed on a price (about $7K) and I was given an estimate of when the work would be done (about 2 months), and in August, I drove my car to them, 2 hours away, expecting it to be done by the end of October 2014. It quickly became obvious that my car would not be ready in 2 months. I called weekly to check on the progress and there seemed to always be long gaps of inactivity. They always had a poor excuse for the delays. Many times incorrect parts were ordered and had to be reordered. Or they claimed that the parts were too rare and hard to find. Mechanics who worked on my car would quit or be fired and the next mechanic would have no idea what was already done or what still needed to be done. Sometimes they blamed the delays on the body shop or machine shop. I felt that since I did not live close by and could not always monitor the work in person, they took advantage of that fact and considered my car a low priority. So I made the trip out there about twice a month to keep tabs on the progress…or lack of it. All the while my car was sitting out in the elements causing more problems than were on the original work order. The tires were ruined, seals were dried out, etc. because the car was not running and stationary for so long. In the end it cost me 3 times the initial estimate (about $20K) and it took almost 2 YEARS to complete. In fact, all the work was NOT completed and the car was not even drivable anymore. In March 2016, I ended up having the car towed to a different facility to finish the work that Majestic failed to do, or correct work that was done poorly, or additional work that was directly caused by their carelessness and incompetence including having to install a new transmission that was never a problem before Majestic had it (now my car could not go in reverse). Majestic never gave me an honest explanation as to why they severely underestimated the cost and time required to complete my project. They agreed to take it on, and then once I was in so deep, kept finding ways to prolong the repairs and keep the cash flowing. I have heard from other former customers that this is a common situation and they take advantage of people, especially the military guys from the nearby base, who, for example, have taken their cars in for work before they are deployed and when they return, nothing has been done. The Yelp reviews of Majestic confirm my complaints. I have no idea how they stay in business or how their BBB rating is so high, considering that the complaints on the BBB website are very similar to mine. I would like to sue them and recoup my money that I feel they bled from me by causing more and more problems that needed to be fixed outside of the original agreement. To put a price on my aggravation alone would be worth a fortune. Majestic is not reliable, they have terrible customer service, they do not honor their estimates, they literally do not care about doing a quality job in a timely manner, and they have shown themselves to be unscrupulous.


  • Name: Majestic Motorsports
  • Country: United States
  • State: North Carolina
  • City: Hubert
  • Address: 1041 Freedom Way
  • Phone: 910-219-4217
  • Website:

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