Owner of this business is Matt Smith, and he sells websites for $495 on Ebay and other places. Do not buy any of these websites, as he will tell you to purchase domains that he has a list of and then will not answer you when you Skype or call him. He has you list these domains on his server and they are supposed to mature for 45 days. After that, he is supposed to have his team sell these domains for you at $60 to $100 each. He is eager to talk to you when you want to purchase the website, but after that there is very little communication. You will leave numerous messages and he will not answer you, or will give you an excuse as to why your domains have not been sold yet, after the 45 days of maturing. As you begin to ask him more questions on Skype, he will ignore you completely. He will also not answer your phone calls, it just goes to voice mail. Ebay will not give you a refund after 45 days of waiting for these domains to mature because they only give a 30 day money back guarantee. After you have waited the 45 days and beyond and still don’t see them sell by his “team”, you are at a loss for the investment for the website and the domains you have purchased, thinking you will get a good profit from them.. I demand All my money back. Stay away

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