Complaint: I bought a Honda Civic Hybrid 4 month ago and when I the seller was telling me about the car, he told us that the front battery had 80,000 miles waranty and the back batt had life time warranty. Today (Nov6, 04) I was in the dealer doing the 15000 mile service and they told me that the front batt. was fine but in the next service they probably have to replace it. I told the service advisor that it was not going to be a problem because my car has 80,000 miles warranty, they told me that I was wrong that it was 36,000 miles, so I went to one of the person who prepare the papers and asked Valentino about it, and he told me I was right so I went to service to try to correct him and he told me I was wrong that if I want, I can bring who ever told me that and he can explain him. So this time I went to the seller’s maneger and explain that Arnold (the person who sell me the hybrid) lied to me and told us a warranty that didin’t exist. I want point out that at that time I was really interested in the Toyota Prius Hybrid because it was more economic (gas mileage). The only reason that I bought the Hybrid it was because Arnold told me that the back batt. had life time warranty and when ever something happen with that batt. they will replace it in any Honda dealer. So, I told that to the manneger and he decide to call Arnold because at that time he was not working. After a few minutes he came back appologizing and telling me that he will make sure Arnold doesn’t make that mistake again. I told him that I accept their appologies but that was not going to resolve the problem that I had and that I will not accept somebody lie to me to sell me something, that it was not right. He told me that the only thing he can do it was give me the $139.00 I paid for my 15000 miles service. I told him that I was going to call American Honda because they lie to me telling me something it was not true and that I had two witness that was buying the car with me. Belive on Monday, first thing in the morning I will call and if they do not want to do anithing for me, I will find a attorney and sue that company… I hope nobody else get in this lie… pealse call me. Jonathan FORT BELVOIR, VirginiaU.S.A.

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