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Received a letter from Kenosian & Miele to contact them with in 10 days from the date of the letter which was dated 12-01-16 regarding a charge off creditor Cash Call and now client Debt Resolve, LLC. Contacted Tony at 1-888-566-7644 ext. 325 at 4:15pm on 12-7-16 to make a payment arrangement of $50 for three month and then pay the full amount. The offer was declined and Tony was very aggressive. He said if we could do $100, that the client would accept that amount. We told Tony we could not do $100 at this time. Tony got very aggressive and kept telling us that he sees that we have a mortgage and two car payments, so if we can afford that we can afford to pay more. We explained to Tony that we are behind on all of that and that we are looking into bankruptcy. We told Tony we couldn’t do it and hung up. | After deliberation on our part we decided to call Tony back at 4:45pm that same afternoon and left a message to start making $100 a month until April and then pay the full amount. We did not hear back from Tony so we called him again on 12-9-16 at 4:07pm to set up the payment arrangement for the start date of 12-23-16. He then stated that we still are looking good and that no law suit has been filed but still could if we do not comply. We received a letter on 12-12-16 to confirm the payment arrangement and that if we do not have the payment on time the agreement becomes void and full payment is due. | At 11:47 am 12-23-16, we have contacted Tony to make a payment via electronic check. Tony was very condescending and aggressive at this time. Towards the end of the conversation Tony would talk over our conversation and wouldn’t let us respond. He then starting talking about a law suit that has been started and that we now owe a lawyer fee and court costs that were added on to the balance. The original balance was $2590.73 and is now added up to approximately $3500. I had asked him why since we were complying with the time line. He would not let me talk and finish my sentence then he ended the call. | I believe they are ripping people off and a very dangerous entity to the public that can not defend them selves. | Kenosian & Miele conduct their business in a very aggressive and deceit full manner. They go back on their verbal agreements leaving you with threads and ended calls.

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