Kay Downing – Saratoga, Florida Florida


You would think when you’re 23 years old, living at your parents house,  you would want to get your life straight for him instead of trying to fuck every guy that comes her way.  Nope not Kay (aka Mickey). Shes too busy fucking mad dudes, including married ones. When something doesn’t go right in her relationship, she runs to the next victim. In her recent months she managed to keep two guys wrapped around her finger,  while they were both working their asses off, thinking they were the only one screwing her. She doesnt give two craps about her son, instead drops him to the easiest and FREE babysitter so she can get laid, all while telling everyone shes working. Thats a joke in itself. So the newest situation, she somehow tricked a married couple to let her live with them. The whole time shes fucking this chick’s husband, while claiming to be her best friend. The best part? She was already in a relationship with someone else! What makes this even better? She gave herself bruises and then claimed this man *the married one* had beat her, all because she was about to get caught fucking two guys at once. Everyone knows the “abuse” is fake, because everytime she ends it with a dude, she somehow manages to have been abused by them the whole time…..hmmm….She fucked up her own marriage (well shes still married) which is probably why she doesn’t care about others. Stay far away from this gold digging, pathelogical lying, hoe. She doesn’t shower and has had a case of an std. Beware, your husband could be next.

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