Joy Manthey Cedar Way Smilie Alabama


Complaint: If you like street noise and to be woken up in the middle of the night by sirens on a constant basis, then Mrs. Manthey’s condo is right for you. Its a piece of crap 1980’s falling down with wood rot, bad HAVC system, freezing downstairs, burning up upstairs. The second room, the tempature cannot be controlled. The stairs are a dangerous nightmare. The stove does not work, and the patio is in disrepair. The nieghborhood is downright scary, hence the sirens on a constant basis. The closed in feeling after living there a month will get ya. The condo is tiny, more than four people in there and it gets crowded. Cant enjoy the patio, the HOA nieghbors are looney birds. Been there for 20 yrs, dont like outsiders. Sneeze too loud, next day you will have to pay a fine. HOA are agressive fine collectors. Five people on the board for 12 condos, recipe for a huge mistake of moving in there. Fve people, plus Manthey “watching”” ya

Tags: Rotten Neighbors

Address: they do

Website: communicates all the instructons. She fines all the tennnats to pay for it. Fight Manthey on the fine and watch your quality of life disappear around the Cedar Way Looney Bin Complex. She really starts stalking you then. Calls

Phone: retiredand bored

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