jessics calara


I sell things in Poshmark. mostly clothes and she (i suppose is a woman )because her name ,never talk in phone only for mail Gmail correo and in the website where I have items.She offerd pay the amount for 26.dollars and the shipping ,she tell was veryexcited for found the item and happy fir the cost. . Is ok that is the cost . then she tell me I only can send a cashier check , first i think isn’t a problem and tell her ok, i send my name andme address .But she after starting said that going to send more money for me because she wants a hold,but again why if I tell she I going to sell for she .after that she no contsct me more for that ,untyl one dsy after she tell me that was send me the money cashier check ..then i question fir how much and never answer back,until 3 days after I receive one cahier check for $1100.One Thousand One Hundred Dollars.Yes .what that is no real I think is fake ,She dont need to pay much.Now I’m here to tell never accept cashier checks .and Idon’t send to my bank.

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