Jesi Strasser


Jesi Strasser (Jesi Gann) is a nasty woman who won’t stop making moves on my man! Works at Vantage West Credit Union in Tucson AZ. The worst part is she is married to a poor, ignorant man named Timothy Strasser and is pregnant! I’d make a bet that it isn’t even Tim’s baby! I know she has cheated multiple times on him already. I have a friend who personally saw her cheating on him while they were engaged. And now she won’t leave my man alone. He has told her over and over that he wants nothing to do with her and she keeps throwing herself at him. He he has blocked her and she still find different ways to contact him. I feel sorry for her husband him how humiliating for that man what a joke of a marriage hopefully he sees this so he can learn to eat his really married to Timothy Strasser, beware you poor thing! If I knew how to contact him I would have forwarded him the photos she is sending to my man. So if anyone does know how to get ahold of him, please leave a comment so I can warn him about who he is married to.

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