Inside Circle Foundation, Inc.


The Inside Circle and Sean Briscombe Fraud | To Whom It May Concern: | Mr. Briscombe had started off trying to selling me life insurance. He seemed nice enough and honest so I filled out a “when and where” worksheet that he provided. This worksheet has you list your entire net worth, all of you investments, debt, assetts etc. After getting my informatiaon the bait and switch started. He started out wanting to sell me insurance, but now wanted to let me in on his “Inside Circle” where only the elite get secret and unknown deals. He will tell you that they are very secret and not know to the general public. He asked that I send him $5000.00 with a money back guarantee. I got this in writing from him just in case the deals were bogus. After he sent me the first deal which he called “1st right of refusal” I looked into the board of directors. I researched as much as possible on the internet and found that one of the board members was accused of fraud.

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