As consultants, freelancers or contractors we are doing surveys for little to no money with companies who offer this in reports and surveys. They are hoarding and holding pay from the contractors or consultants. It is illegal. There are labor laws in place to protect those who do at home or freelance work especially if some are disabled trying to make ends meet while waiting for benefits. Some are college kids trying to make extra for books or classes. it is wrong ..the offers or assignments are being done and they are not paying the contractor. or freelancer. in the federal government if a company held pay from a trainer or such or messed with their pay then they would be held responsible with fines up to 250, 000 and much more from atty general and that should go to the victims of scams. plus their pay. They need to bide by the wage laws for consultants as they do hired employees. The freelancers is promised a pay when offer is done which it is leading to some using their own personal information to sign up for products and services when it is supposed to be a survey or review. to report for paid work. this needs serious legal and penalties. They are not giving the money for the assignments in a timely manner or denying them pay cause they were trying to get the consultant or contractor or at home worker personal information. That is wrong that is right and comes accross as a scam or identity theft issues. The responsibility of pay is to the at home worker not their personal information to get people to pay or signup for work paid.

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