Hyatt Corporation Complaint


I stayed at Hyatt Place June 23rd-June 25th. It was unfortunately one of the worst experiences I ever had in a hotel. The first night my daughter and I were here we went to shower and the tub was full of black sludge. I called downstairs and a very nice lady came up. I later found out this was the manager. She washed it down with a cup of water and dried it with a towel. I was shocked she didn”t use any bleach or cleaner to wash the tub. We were so exhausted from traveling I let it go. On Sunday, the 24th, I left around 1:00 to take my daughter to camp. I know EXACTLY how I left the room. I only had one small suitcase that was closed. When I returned, the suitcase was open on the counter. There were towels thrown on the floor and the chair I had left them on to dry was pushed over into the middle of the other room. My medication container was removed from my suitcase and was over near the sink and three days of my medication was removed. I have MS and the epilepsy medication and sleeping medication I take were gone. The trash I had put in the wastebasket was all over the floor. Tampon trash was everywhere. I would never have left this all over the floor. I called the front desk and asked the manager if she would come up to the room. I showed her everything I explained. I did tell her my laptop was still here and without a doubt someone had gone through my room. I am not sure if there is anything else missing. I am certain my medication is missing. She returned about 15 minutes later and assured me according to her room tracker only I used my room key. I don”t care what she is saying. They have entered my room. My room was in disarray and my belongings are gone. Her solution was to offer me $30. This is absolutely crazy. I need a real resolution. This is completely and totally violating. I have not posted this online as I feel this should be worked out between us. I cannot believe this is the way Hyatt and their manager handles business.

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