Horne Law Group LLC Roanoke Virginia


Complaint: Paid this company to close on a property where they should have collected the keys to the property before handing over the money to the seller. They were to have any back taxes that the seller owe settled as well. After closing it has been hell to get the keys to the property as according to the lawyer “they did not see that they were to collect the keys”” even though it was written in black and white in the documents sent to them. They have refused to cover the cost of the keys and the backtaxes the seller owes even though they did not do their job. I ended up having to pay the seller’s back taxes and will have to pay to get the keys to the property after hiring and paying this law firm. Seems getting any resolution from lawyers is impossible. Each department of government sends you to another. … Better Business Bureau sends you somewhere. Governors Office of Consumer Affairs send you some where else

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Address: the Bar Association etc no use! So I have to let the consumers know beware of this rip off law firm.”


Phone: 3557 Vineville Avenue Macon, Georgia United States of America

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