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I have ordered from this company for a few years now and had no problems. However, this year in April 2009 I ordered my son’s grade 9 package. First, I recieved a call stating that they had sent me the wrong package and to refuse delivery and once it was returned to them they would send the correct one. Having had a good 3-4 year history with them I thought “no problem”. Big mistake! I keep calling every few weeks and was told they were investigating it. I kept getting sent to a back order office and no one knew what was going on. Finally, in Oct I had had enough and left a message that if someone didn’t respond to me in 2 weeks I would lodge a complaint. Here I am in Dec 09 with no books and guess what? The website doesn’t exist anymore but I foundthis one instead. I am soooooo disappointed! I erroneously assumed that people dealing with homeschooling materials including christian curriculum would behave more honorably and not steal from people. As a homeschooling family a committment and investment is made in the education of our children and money is the first thing to take the hit. It’s an okay sacrifice because the return on the investment is more than money can supply. It’s disheartening to find our circle has been infected by theives and vipers. Mary Tench Nova Scotia, Canada

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