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On Sept. 03, 2017 I ordered a free trial of Wellness CBD Gummies i paid a S&H fee of 9.95.They also shipped a Bottle of SS Wellness Oil for $24.95 I never ordered it. I called them they said return the oil to the address in Tampa FLA. Of course I forgot and never got around to it.But the absolute worse thing was I get my Charge Card statement and their are 2 charges on there for $77.21 One from Healthiest Green out of UT. Second from Green Healthiest Today out of CO I called both Phone ‘s on charge statement and they both rang once and dropped off.But charging me $ 77.21 Twice is dispicable and if it is not cleared up they will put more charges on my credid card.On the 10/03/ Healthiest Green steated I manually keyed the purchase that is incorrect.On the10/28/17 Green Healthiest stated I manually keyed the purchase that is incorrect.I forgot to tell you of another Address that came on the Radar,Shattered Noises 5948 S;Sirius UT 84790

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