Haverty’s Furniture lakeland Florida Review


Six months ago I purchased a Tempur pedic mattress at Haverty’s. nI went to their store to try the mattress instead of ordering from the company without seeing it. nThe mattress they had on display was very soft and comfortable and we thought it would be the right choice for my husband’s back problems after some convincing from the sales lady. nThe mattress we received was not at all like the one we tried. It was hard and the foam is very annoying the way it grips you and makes it hard to move on the bed. nWe called and asked why our mattress was different and were told that it takes time to break one in. So we decided to give it some more time even though my legs started aching and my husband started having neck pain. They said that would improve when we adjusted to the bed. We had 90 days to decide so we tried to live with it. nWhen the 90 days were almost up I called and talked to the manager and she said she had bought a mattress also and it does soften gradually and said she would like to see us try to get used to it because she felt we would be happy with it if we would just give it more time. nSix months later it is still hard and uncomfortable. My husband sleeps in his recliner most of the time and I sleep on a day bed in a spare bedroom. nWe should have returned the bed and not listen to the manager when she wanted us to keep it a little longer so the time for return would be over and we had to keep a $2,000.00 mattress we can’t sleep on. nWhat we saw at the store is not what we received. nDeenlakeland, FloridaU.S.A.

Florida Ave Lakeland, Florida U.S.A.

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