Fulcro Market


They had some great prices and the website seemed legit. It appears to be a Shopify store. I found some items I wanted and placed an order. Free shipping too! | Everything seemed normal. I even got an email from them with an order number, a receipt and a hyperlink to check on my order. I did check my order a few days later, it said the order was still pending. A week goes by, it’s the same. Tried to email them, no answer. Tried to call them, the call was unable to be completed. Emailed again, no reply. In the mean time, almost 3 weeks had gone by. | I was lucky to get my money back by disputing the charges with my bank, but they still have all my financial information and home address. | If this is a Shopify store, they should shut them down! Unless they condone this type of scam!

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