Firedog / Circuit City Jamaica New York Review


I hired firedog to install a tv for my elderly disabled mother in her home. I pointed out to the installers that tv seemed kind of high. they said that it should be above eye level. I pointed out my mother’s neck and back disability again, but they told me to trust them it will be fine. I did just that…I trusted them because were supposed to be professionals. nwithin 30 minutes of my elderly disabled mother watching the television her disability (neck and back) started to act up. I called the company immediately to tell them and also advised that’s where their techs insisted on putting it. They told me too bad bacause I signed to receipt of service. They gave me the escallations department number (800-611-2259), but they told me that I would hae to pay $175 for removal and replacement. Of course, I was not happy. nI asked the manager to speak to her manager, but she said she’s the only one and that’s it. The most she was willing to do was giv me a $25 discount on both the detachment and reinstallaion. That is absolutely ridiculous. I could barely afford to buy my mom the tv and pay the initial $245 for the first installation. They remove to move it unless I pay again. I kept on pointing out that the tv was placed there because thier “professionals”” said to leave it ther because “”that’s where it belongs””. Regardless of the fact that I told him it seemed a little too high. nDamage Resulting = Due to their persistence and me foolishly trusting them my mother’s disability will be a constant bother any time she watches the tv. If I have to remove it I will have to pay someone else AGAIN. So unfair. Watever happened to customer satisfaction? Whatever happened to company’s accepting the responsibility for their employees? nPrenellanJamaica

New YorkU.S.A.”

650 West Sunrise Highway Valley Stream, New York U.S.A.


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