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Eventbrite Sucks! They Ruined My Seeing The Mariah Carey Concert! I happen to be an Executive Writer For Google as a Google Guide, Level 8 with over 4,000,000 Views Per Month On My Work, Worldwide! Several weeks ago, I was given notice that the Aids Healthcare Foundation was putting on a Benefit Concert for the World Aids Day to be held back on Friday, November 30, 2017 at the Shrine Auditorium which was located at: 665 West Jefferson Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90007. I was told by somebody at the Aids Healthcare Foundation that I need to go online and register/sign-up in order to get a Free Ticket and I did as I was told. When I went online, I received a Free Order Number # 701012674 of 1 Ticket That I Had Reserved For Myself back on Tuesday, November 21, 2017 which was the day that I had registered and/or signed up. This was my Actual Ticket Confirmation and from there I would just print this out and take it with me to the concert on that specific day which was back on Thursday, November 30, 2017. When I got there, the Security People and the Aids Healthcare Foundation Staff who were In Charge Refused To Accept The Printout Version Of My Ticket that Eventbrite Provided ME with. I did Not know that I was supposed to get a Red Ticket Stub in order to get in, however, according to Eventbrite, this printout of my ticket was supposed to be Sufficient to get in, Period! However, as I had stated that was Not The Case! When I Had Arrived To The Shrine Auditorium On That Concert Night, I tried for almost two (2) hours of just standing around there being given Nothing, but a Runaround Between The Security Staff back to the Aids Healthcare Foundation Staff and just going Back And Forth For Nothing! I eventually Just Gave Up And Left Shortly After The Concert Started because hanging around there was Just A Complete Waste Of Time and Energy For Nothing! I personally do NOT Blame The Security Staff or the Aids Healthcare Foundation Staff because it was the Eventbrite company that Initiated This Fake and/or Phoney Mariah Carey Concert Ticket To Begin With, Not The Other Staff Who Were Working During The Mariah Carey Concert Performance! If the Printout that came from Eventbrite was Not Legitimate and/or Sufficient, then Why The Hell DID Eventbrite Email That To Me To Begin With and Had Me Print It Out And Bring It With Me To The Concert For Nothing Is Beyond ME! Furthermore, I was the Only Person There Who Supposedly Did Not Have A Proper Ticket in which I found to be Quite Strange To Say The Very Least! I am so Angry and Upset and Pissed Off over the Poor Unprofessionalism, Lies and False Information that I had received from Eventbrite in Regards To Seeing The Mariah Carey Concert that I Do Not Trust Them Anymore and will Not Be Doing Anymore Business With Them because I do Not Wish To Go Through The Same Thing Again for Another Future Event! Enclosed, in the attachments, please find a copy of my so called Mariah Carey Concert Picture with the Confirmation Number printed right on it, along with a copy of supposedly the Actual Concert Ticket with the Picture of the World Aids Day Event Printed Right On It for your reference and further review. Thank You. Thank you. Sincerely yours, Howard Paul Shore Angry And Upset And Pissed Off Eventbrite Ticket Holder Executive, Volunteer Writer For Google And Tripadvisor Websites /HPS Enclosures: Please See The Attachments For A Copy Of My So Called Mariah Carey Concert Ticket With The Confirmation Number Printed Right On It, Along With A Copy Of Supposedly The Actual Concert Ticket With The Picture Of The World Aids Day Event Printed Right On It For Your Reference And Further Review. Thank You.

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