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I had been looking for a small round coffee table for a long time and found an Etsy vendor who had a few things that met my needs so I communicated with the owner of the shop about a custom order to a particular size, with a distressed wood top and industrial legs. I went to Home Depot and got the color of the stain to use and the Rustoleum spray paint for the base. When he sent me a picture of the top, it was waaaaay too much stain. He said it was the color I’d picked. But it didn’t look distressed, it looked stained. He said he fixed it, then shipped it before sending me another picture. When I got it it looked like it had in the picture. Waaaaay too much color. I contacted him and asked him to find out what I might do to make it better. | It took him two weeks of excuses about grandkids and waiting for information on what to do. I contacted him again and he said he’d used the color I asked, and he would only charge me $100 to fix it if I’d send it back to him (I’d pay for shipping). | It took me another few weeks to get up the nerve to just put the thing together, and when I opened up the box of the pedestal, it was the wrong color. I messaged him again just now; he sent me a picture of a Rustoleum can; I sent him a picture of the pedestal pieces which looked nothing like the top of the Rustoleum can. That can of paint had nothing to do with my table base. Some people lie as an excuse for their inability to admit they’re wrong. And he keeps telling me he only did what I asked him to.

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