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Complaint: In October 2016 Alfred Leopoid a sales rep from Ecom Solution and Outsourced Lifestyle contacted me with the kind of service and software they are providing that could create an Amazon business of $100000 per month. They showed videos and reports of their team members that were earning such amount. Alfred gave me the list of services the company will offer to me for a year such as weekly one to one traininng with owner Jason and a millon dollar business holder Linda Trueman for $10,000 and said that he needs to run my credit card before the contract is formed. Their office tried to run the card twice but my credit card refused the second transaction as it was beyond the limit. Soon Jason the owner of the company send me a single page crontract signing page through rocket lawyers. which I signed and sent back. After repeted contacts and emails after three weeks to hook up my service and trainings. And Jason provided me just two one to one session for 30 min in which he introduded himself and the business and then his office said that he is busy and will find time to do meetings. Linda Trueman in my third week left ecom and as per Jason they have filed a lawsuit on her for cheeting and theft of information. As per the claims by Jason there were no trainig provided by professional representative or trainers who knew the software and the process. I repetedly contacted Alfred, Michele Fierie and Jason to provide me the complete contract that they had mentioned but to my disapointment they never gave it till I fought with them. I even contacted Crystal Whittecar from rocket lawyer that how their website allows only last page signature and not complete contract and they mentioned that there is a glich in their system and visually only the last page is shown for digital signature and to view the complete contract there is a diffrent link for printing which will show the contract. I was disapointed that a law firm is making contract that is not visible to the digital signing representative. As Ecom Solution software was not working with a number of website they claimed such as Target Home Depot Khols etc I asked Jason and other members that how come we paid for complete software and are only getting a few stores. Even his walmart scraping engine was giving a number of errors making all members loose money as they had made commitment on Amazon for a product that which was not found at the price the software was stating. In the third month all my data which took over 90 days to enter got deleted by the error in the software and it took more than 3 weeks for the technical representative Greard DeJoseph to reload as he was working another job in day time and could only do technical support of Ecom in night. To my argument with Jason in regards to getting more people work on the sofrware to support and to provide us with a software without errors he replied that for that you will have to pay $300 per month. I refused and said that I have paid $10,000 and I have not gained training and software service for what was agreed and wont provide you more. On the same night Jason withdrew $300 from my card that he had in his system to which I challenged him and asked my credit card company ro revert. In the morning I was denied access to my software and the team with whome I was working. When I called office they said that Jason is busy and cannot reply and the phone was transfred to Michele Fierie who said me to getlost and that I will not get even a penny as they have invested a lot of time on me which was more than $10,000. Im my group there were more than 4 people who were mistreated in similar way and I believe there might be many similar group to which Jason is swindeling money from. Kindly keep away from this company and if there are more people who are hurt by this company I would like them to come togheter for a class action against Jason and his team and ecom solution and Outsoursed Lifestyle

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Address: 12106 Autumn Sunrise Drive Jacksonville, Florida USA


Phone: 844-285-0004

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