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Before becoming a customer, affiliate or even sell banner ad space to DreamTemplate.com, you might want to hear about my recent experience with them. DreamTemplate Deliberate Refund Scam: I trusted their 30 day unconditional refund policy so I bought a 37 Month with 250, 000 Stock Photo Library on 17 Jan 2008. 3 days later when I asked for a refund I was given awful customer service by Telson, who repeatedly asked for my confirmation and when it was given, just asked me the same questions again. I corresponded with him a total of 6 emails and got nowhere. No objections were raised against my refund but *no* evidence of a refund was given. When I contacted the relevant authorities such as bbb.org on 24 April 2008 DreamTemplate changed their position and sent a misleading email: ” We will process your refund. You will soon receive it”. As of the time of writing, I have received *no* evidence of a refund which proves I had been deliberately sent a Refund Scam. Be aware of the following unethical business practices of this company: 1. Misleading Advertisement – Most know it- the “limited time offer” is *fake*. This obvious scam is just the tip of the iceburg. 2. False FAQ – Not all policies are observed – I would like to share my awful experience – DreamTemplate Refund Scam 3.Misleading Customer Service. As I wrote earlier – Telson sent me completely misleading if not outright deceptive Refund emails. I have already contacted bbb.org, ftc.gov and ic3.gov to alert them of DreamTemplate”s Internet Fraud. Don”t get me wrong, if you can overlook their unethical business practices, DreamTemplate may be a dream resource for you. Just be aware you should use a credit card and should the necessity to refund arise, forget about wasting your time “mediating” with Telson and seek help from your bank instead.

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