The Dogs4Warriors foundation is one that was intended to service and give back to combat veterans, however this has not been the case. This company has embezzled thousands of dollars and are involved in a massive law suit in the Harrison County Court of Common Pleas (case numbers CV20180046 and JL20180132). In May of 2019, this organization was placed on the IRS automatic revocation of exemption list and remains on that list today. Although this organization is no longer a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, the Slezak’s continue to advertise it as such as well as continue to accept donations. Furthermore, a cabin was donated to the organization in 2016. This cabin was donated to house combat veterans free of cost, but this cabin has not been utilized for that purpose in over a year. Slezak’s daughter (Alexis Haggerty (Thompson) and boyfriend Kyle Johanneck) reside in this cabin. This “nonprofit” organization is anything but that. These scam artists need to be brought to justice, for the sake of the innocent people and veterans, effected by this atrocity.

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