Diana Mcdonald Review


I’m writing to warn everyone about a malicious con-artist in Lakewood, NJ who is wreaking havoc. | The person in question (attached pictures) is DIANA MCDONALD but she uses many aliases like “Hollie”, “Hailey”, “Jessica” or “Jessie”. She also uses her sister’s name “Kristina McDonald” often and the name “Diana Holland”. | Diana is a homeless junkie who lives on the streets and sometimes crashes in shelters, friend’s or stranger’s homes. She has an extensive criminal record for both violent and non-violent felonies and even her daughter was taking away from her care. She also has outstanding warrants. Diana “workst” outside various liquor stores in the Lakewood and Toms River areas where she offers prostitution acts to strangers in exchange for alcohol, cigarettes, cash, etc. | My daughter knew Diana from many years ago when we lived in Manchester Township. | She recently reached out to my daughter on social media asking her if she could stay in our home for couple of days. She claimed she had recently had a miscarriage so we felt really bad for her. | After just two days we realized the sad truth. She is a malignant, vengeful criminal with no mercy in her heart. She will use you, steal from you and then walk away like nothing ever happened. | In our case, Diana stole from us and she tried to talk my daughter into helping her recruit young girls for a PROSTITUTION ring that she is building in Lakewood Township. | My daughter is a recovering addict so Diana tried to play with her mind offering her drugs in exchange for her either prostituting herself to strangers or finding young girls that would do the same. | She also gave my daughter an used laptop in a bribery attempt. I know the laptop was stolen because it had pictures and stuff on it from another local family. | Once I confronted Diana and kicked her out of my home she started a huge terror campaign against my family threatening us with her boyfriend and her family members. She told my daughter her boyfriend was in the local Mexican mafia and he would come to do bad things to us. She tried to come by our home twice when we were not around but thankfully my neighbor scared her away. | Shortly after she was gone we realized she had stolen jewelry, clothes and cash from my daughter and a tablet from our son’s room. | We should’ve known better than letting a stranger stay in our home but in our defense she puts up a good con with tears and all so we really felt bad for her at the beginning. | If you ever come across this scum my best advice is for you to run away as fast as possible. She’s mastered the art of manipulation. | We don’t know more about her other than what’s available online but based on what Diana told my daughter she sometimes lives with her Mexican boyfriend and his family somewhere in Cross St. in Lakewood Township. | To all parents: Be on the lookout. She’s actively recruiting girls all over town for her prostitution ring and her boyfriend is helping her.


Name: Diana Mcdonald

Country: United States

State: New Jersey

City: Lakewood




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