Diana Giraldez


Throughout her several years of practicing therapy, Diana specializes in couples, families and individuals struggling with communication, infidelity, anxiety, relationships, and co-parenting. Additionally, she helps clients understand patterns of behavior that permit negative outcomes such as codependency and enabling, which maintain the problem. She also works with families and partners who struggle and/or are caregivers to patients who suffers with chronic and progressive illness. My goal is to create an environment where couples and families can express to each other what they need, while feeling heard and understood. “The single biggest problem with communication is the thought that it has taken place” – unknown. Communication is key and in therapy it’s the focus. Using patterns of behavior passed down through our families of origin, I help clients understand what areas of their life they need to adapt in order to create a relationship and life towards a desired future. You may be having a hard time communicating with your partner or need help dealing with family issues or, you’re probably thinking, “This is the last shot at making our relationship work” – I get it. Perhaps what you are doing is no longer working, so stop and give yourself a chance to try something different. Coming to therapy is doing something different.

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