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Mr. Boyer was contracted (person/company) to do roof repair work after a storm earlier this year. He had been seen doing some repair work for other neighbors it was decided to support this man in his business. We discussed what was needed and Tony Boyer asked for the money up front for materials, etc.. Tony Boyer was given a deposit to purchase the materials and was scheduled to return to complete the repairs and collect the balance. Mr. Boyer, never returned the following week to complete the work. Over the next weeks, calls were made to reach Mr. Boyer and he gave varying excuses and promises to return, but did not. The last attempts to reach him resulted in Mr. Boyer coming to the home (though it was NOT suggested), where Mr. Boyer apologized and promised to return with his money, in full. That did not happen. We have unable to locate Mr. Boyer, though there are many addresses and phone numbers that we have located. | After reaching out to neighbors notifying them of this scam artist, we found that many had been duped, but no one wanted to tell. Maybe they were ashamed or embarrassed, and it did seem that Mr. Boyer targeted seniors in the neighborhood, which is not a coincidence. After learning about this incident and further research, we found that there have been MANY more people who have filled criminal charges against Mr. Boyer and his fake, non-existent businesses. Some other people have also filed reports with the website, Unfortunately, we did not look into this person prior to giving him the deposit. We’d like to bring this to the public’s attention in order to save others/seniors from being taken advantage of by Mr. Boyer and others like him, as well as to maybe get some tips from the public on where Mr. Boyer is hiding. It would be nice to know that we could do something to assist others in avoiding this situation.


Name: Customer Works

Country: United States

State: Maryland

City: Oxon Hill

Address: 604 Maury Avenue

Phone: 240-650-1853


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