CRI ORLANDO Florida Review


We recieved a card for an 8 day cruise and $100 in gas credit, if we would listen to a presentation on Global Concierge Travel. The card was taken from us upon registration. The service was a discount travel agancy and the life time membership fee was $9,000. They quoted the Better Business Bureau as being a ‘certified’ member in the slide presentation, but the BBB has never hear of them. We asked for ‘hand out’ information, email address, office location, phone number, etc. However, they wouldn’t provide this unless we pay the membership fee. Of course, we didn’t sign up and just asked for the incentives we’d been promissed. We had to sent in a form via certified mail and they returned at form, but no where on the form was there a $100 gas credit or an 8 day cruise. Would live to call them back, but again no phone number. Don’t waste your time.

931 Village Blvd. 905-PMB142 West Palm Beach, Florida USA

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