CP Direct Consoli-Passafiume Gang Collingswood TX Review


Been digging and I should have copies of the Search Warrant and Forfeiture Affidavit and Application for Search Warrantin the next few days, should be interesting reading. Anyone of you can order copies of all the court records for a few dollars. Court Clerk, Superior Court of Arizona. (602) 506-3360, Case No. SW 2002 000373. nThe State of Arizona Attorney General, and the U.S. Attorney Office, will both be going before Grand Juries soon seeking criminal indictments charging the Consoli-Passafiume gang with some very serious State and Federal crimes. Before this is all over for them their most trusted friends and employees will turn and testify against them. State and Federal Courts will wind up with with most, if not all, of the assets seized to date. They will try to Plea Bargain their way out of all this , but it will not be easy, they will have to give up a lot through fines and settlements, and they still may have to serve some jail time. Their lawyers will take them to the cleaners. nThis all could not happen to a more deserving bunch no good bottom feeders.They got lucky and made a ton of money, but like all greedy bastards, they did not know when to stop.Because of their egotistical arrogance they thought that they were untouchable nCindynRound Rock, Texas

15600 N. 78th St. Scottsdale, Arizona U.S.A.


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