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Complaint: I am complaining about Charleston Management Group. They manage Oak Hill Plantation in Moncks Corner, SC. These bottom dwellers drive by your home and fine you for every little thing such as a tire on your car is touching a blade of grass. The house next door to mine is a foreclosure from a family who had 6 large size cats. There is a severe mold issue inside and outside of this foreclosed house that has been sitting empty for 3 years now. I complained in July of this year about green and black mold on the outside of this home. This was the actual response. Thank you for your email. The Association is aware of the current state of this property. Unfortunately, the Association is unable to enter the property in order to remedy. Covenants violations must be enforced through violation letters and escalating fines. Please let us know if you have any questions. Have a wonderful day! Thank you, CMG Support Team u2013 HMO Why is this bank owned property not subject to the same rules and regulations that I am? Well, we found out 3 years later that we also were sent a letter in 2014 for a siding issue. We never got the letter and were unaware there was an issue. We do regular maintenance and power wash our home at least once per year. This year however we did get a letter that they had found the same siding issue and they fined us $25. We immediately hand washed the siding. Within a week we got another letter fining us $75. We are only supposed to be charged $180 a year….Somehow we are paying more than $600 this year. I wrote to Mr. Peck who claims to be the so-called President. He did reduce my fine by $25. It is not enough….what a jerk!! We are ripped off by this idiotic lunatic CMG….Well, I am fighting back….They are now reported to the Attorney General’s Office and the Better Business Bureau and here….. 🙁

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Address: 349 Folly Road; Suite 2B Charleston, South Carolina USA


Phone: 843-795-8484

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