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This legacy management carryover from a firm I previously provided inspection/appraisal work, Valuation Vision, is at it again, rebranded as Clarocity Valuation Services. Many of my collegues posted back in 2015 about the company not paying real estate agents and appraisers for work rendered. It seems they picked up an AMC last year and started expanding their MVPRo product and traditional appraisal business, however, here it is 2017 and old habits are dying hard. | I reluctantly accepted assignments from the group this fall and sure enough, work performed in the prior month and due October 1 WASN’T PAID. It is now the 10th and I haven’t been able to get anyone the Clarocity group to explain why I haven’t been paid. Turns out, I’m not the only one, having verified that at least three other collegues have also not been paid for services rendered. | I just wanted to go on record that this team feels it can selectively choose to pay for services rendered when and if it chooses to do so. | This is not the way business should be conducted and paying your vendors on-time is not optional. Hopefully this is an isolated issue but if history is any indicator

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